She looks sad because her curves are sub par. :cry:

My god what a milf. Great catch


Milk mature :drooling_face::drooling_face::yum::heart:

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Clickbait title. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: This is just a regular woman with a normal body.

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i really wonder why she looks so sad…you would expect that a woman with such a body would have an easy life…

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To all the haters, here’s a question for you. If she rolls her jeans down and bends over in front of you, do you go for the ride or not? If you would then she’s capp worthy. If not then she’s just not for you. This right here is getting it hard from me. But then again I am a dirty dude! I’m licking everything on this woman at the end of the day with no shower!


Hot AF

She is so damn sexy.

Tbh most men would go for ~80 percent of women. Given that, we should cap all women out there? :thinking: Still don’t get what’s so “candid” about her (seeing no “curves” exposed at all), but that’s up to anyone’s taste, of course. Still surprised so many praise this as being “something”.

Yes you should cap them. Then share what you think is worth sharing.

There are plenty of girls in yogas and such running around on the Internet that have been capped. People cap what they like. I no longer do this hobby but when I did I recorded most of I liked something about her. Remember, you can always delete, but you may never see her again. Also, you interest and desires change. Now it’s ass, next it’s feet later faces then boobs or whatever. Capp them all and let God sort it out.

She’s still got it :heart_eyes:

She looks more GILF-ish to me, but it don’t really matter, im guessing a little show of love would turn that frown upside down…:smirk:

She can get it any day! Women like that get me hard as a motherfucker! :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

Hot, very nice. Very curvy queen. Thanks for sharing.

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no problem mate