The last i will take of my neighbor

These will be the last i will take of my neighbor unless i catch her in something new


Ahhhhh well she seems to have a HUGE wardrobe so i hope to see her soon. She is so sexy!


Noooooo shes a banger! Pls dont stop :( why do you want to stop??


Your telling me im just basically posting the same thing at this point with her so i gotta get new stuff :wink:


C’mon now your on a role!!! Don’t quit on us now champ!!! I want to see her once a week. Stay strong!


I gotta get the REAL good shot trust me when i get it everyone will see it 100%, dont worry this isnt a permanent thing unless either of us end up moving


I wish i had sexy neighbors :frowning:

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You make her out of outfits :smiley: Still was a great content with her, good job dude

May need to post her wishlist here soon jk Thanks for sharing!

Amazing captures! I hope you keep sharing her!

She never gets bored, we love her

:fist: :sweat_drops:

Right, so all she has to do is change clothes. Check.

NOooooo, I love to watch her. I hope we will get more soon

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Please don’t stop posting her these posts never fail we don’t care if its the same outfits we can’t get enough!!


Love she

Man please don’t stop! She has an amazing body and the world needs to enjoy her.


you just keep shooting that neighbor bro. she’s a stone cold hottie!

go talk to her while filming! shes ur neighbor, so you have a good reason to, plus it’ll be an opportunity to practice the recording while scratching your arm trick. shes too pretty :slight_smile: thx for the great content either way


This! She has a cute Pomeranian dog. Just express an interest in that breed of dog, ask questions about it, how easy they are to care for etc etc.

I have a Pomeranian myself and women love talking about him :sweat_smile:

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