The topic that won't die: What is the best location?

And cleavage shots… god, the MILFs bending over doing whatever mom duty they have to.

My Order Ranked.

-Rave Festivals
-Walmart/Target etc.
-Strip Mall that have Gym attached - those booties are always making a pit stop in one of those stores.
-Downtowns - especially heavily dense with a Latina population. Insane baddies.
-Starbucks/Coffee Shops


For be short.
Mall, Sports places, sometimes Big Stores like walmart.
But when i go Mall always found 2 or 3 good Candids :drooling_face:

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I see alot of people saying this question is pointless and that women are everywhere. Yeah, women ARE everywhere. Which is why we keep our cameras at the ready, right? But if we are going out to specifically cap, I think we all have a favorite place. Lately I’ve been having to cap wherever I go without the GF. But if I get time to myself, Marshalls is great. I’m sure there’s cameras. And yes there’s usually a guard. But the employees and the customers are generally clueless and stuff is cheap there so I can grab an item to make it less noticeable. Plus, every trip I’ve made, I’ve gotten some of my best content. Unfortunately, most of that was lost to me getting spooked by said GF. Really need to figure out a secret storage situation… (Taking suggestions)

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The gym is becoming my new favorite place, though I probably won’t post the content publicly. Figure out the angles and where you can set your phone without making it obvious. Squat racks and treadmills can be a gold mine. Think on the floor standing horizontally against the leg of a bench or on the shelf of a machine. Start a video and use a black screen app with it rolling.

Otherwise malls, stores or any health food type place. Grocery stores are great because you can be in any isle without a second thought, unlike women only stores or clothing sections. Although if the outfit is right that won’t stop me lol.

If I had a waterpark or beach near me I’m sure that would be No. 1. The fair is also great. TONS of women showing ass in shorts. Can’t wait until summer.

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