The wait was worth it 🔥 best ass you’ll see today/tomorrow/in your life 🍑

Has to be my all time favorite video
Thank you for sharing

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hard to find better, really. surely one of the best candid :+1:



truly I almost can’t believe you’ve blest us with something like this. maybe the best cap ever

Your title is spot on! Shes real nice

Do you have it?

We gotta reup

How am I JUST seeing this now? BY FAR the best ass cap ever shared anywhere, even if it isn’t OC here. Wow. Credit to the OG whoever it really is.

Is there any video still available to download better than 1080p? The quality sucks on the 1080 one.

I don’t think so. Last time I saw it uploaded it was similar filesize and quality. I think the nature of the capture made some lighting and angles tough. Someone with the right expertise could turn this into a better-lit video but that would not be me

Quel bon cul rebondi!