The Women of Walmart

In this thread I will be posting pics of all the ladies I don’t have enough material of, but I will compile footage to make a video.
Let me know your thoughts. Feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy my friends :pray:t3:

Enjoy the vid


We are missing Big Titty Tatted Up Greyt Big ‘ol Shelf Ass material, fo sho :muscle:
Nice shotz :+1::+1:

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vid to last chick pls…

I didn’t get a lot of footage of her in saw her as I was walking out. She’s towards the end of the vid


New topic:
Big Titty Tatted Up Greyt Big ‘ol Shelf Ass(es)


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i would of busted a u turn for that ass lol… ty for gif

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Did you go by California creeps on Tumblr?

I agree, last lady has an amazing ass. She’s one hot ratchet. :laughing:

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I had a tumblr but I was only a lurker at the time. Barely got into the game this year

Oh, so this isn’t your material? It’s cool.

I had 3 Tumblr accounts going back years, but they all got banned eventually.

Now, I’m posting old materials and dudes here think I’m stealing. Lame.

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I had to duck into Walmart last night just before 11pm.
there were a few hotties and a few stock girls who were hot too.
I just got a new phone. Went from android to iPhone, so I’m not used to it yet. Got a camera app but still learning how to use it.
will post more again here as soon as I figure this damn phone out.

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This is my OC, I don’t want to post other people’s work to avoid drama

Looking forward to it. Also let me know if it’s much better than android. Might get an iphone too

So I had a pixel 5, which had a great camera.
The iPhone 12 camera is real nice. I didn’t do any major comparisons yet, but from what I can tell the iPhone camera is producing quality results on par with pixel 5. Pixel 5 had a much faster shutter and seemed to focus faster which allowed me to take secret pics faster.

the android had much better apps for secret photos. I could turn one app on do whatever and there was no indication is was recording or taking photos. iPhone kinda has that but not really. so that’s been sucky.

But I’ll let you know if it changes.

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