THICC curly hair Latina *MUST SEE*

Visiting my mom went to a local bagel shop and I saw this girl in her car did not pay much mind. She walked in and she was BEAUTIFUL ( wish I got face shot. Too many people ) she turned around and I had to snap. The man next to me looked at me and we both nodded our heads with approval :joy::joy:


Must see??? Ain’t shit to see buddy. Y’all are insufferable sometimes


I edited them for you bro took 2 mins. This is probably what you actually saw. Shooting black leggings takes skill to get the perfect shot. unless outside. Great caps


I fixed them

how did you edit?

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I adjusted the contrast, brilliance, shadows, on my phone through the edit button. All phones give you the option to Edit pics. I also cropped the extra black out of the pics to because it look like they were screenshots


great work on the editing…@NaturalExplora97

Wanna slather her cheeks with cream cheese.

Thank you bro! Idk how to edit these!

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What did you use to edit this?

My phone

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lol :joy:

Got dayum