Thicc wide hipped babe


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Lawwwd Have Mercy, this is why I love me latin women. This is what you call a true naturally thick baddie. This is the type of female you don’t pull out from a couple of days past and she calls you talking about she’s pregnant and you cool with and don’t mind paying child support.



Goddamnnnn - one more snickers and her pants gonna explode


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She’s totally fine. One of my many favorites.

Holy MF gyat dayum. She is fucking STACKED! Excellent catch

Got DAYUM!!!

The things I would do to this woman

one of the thickest asses on this site…ELITE

Backshots must be incredible. SU PERRA MADRE :woozy_face::persevere::grimacing:

Still one of my favourite threads … You should present here here: [BBW thread](BBW THREAD!)

Won’t share the vid?

Would love this video not gonna lie

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