Thick blonde bimbo style girl with big fake ass in grey shorts (39 Photos)

Not much here is real on this wannabe Barbie girl. I hope next on her shopping list is a supersized chest to go with the back. :see_no_evil:

A lot here don’t like the fake asses but I don’t mind :smile: I kinda appreciate the effort they go to so guys check out their behinds. Respect! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Great Great Post!!! :clap::ok_hand:


Thanks man! :smiley:

100+ views and just your like / reply makes me think this one might end up in the bin lmao. Tough crowd on here these days :laughing:

not my favorite type but great job :v:t2:

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Thx , I have memory cards packed full of the sort of girls who get lots of likes here but I enjoy mixing it up a bit. Even if it’s not my favourite type I don’t discriminate :joy:

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I sure her face look familiar. Gordie shore looking

Gordie? Not Jersey? Ya know the fake lashes n duck

She can kill you with one hip attack. God, I can’t wait :hot_face: :sweat_drops:

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I doubt I’d last long inside that

She’s so sexy

Brilliant capture

Fat Pig

Decent work though. Great shooter keep up the good work!


Never have felt these bbls. Soft asf or hard as a rock?

I have only ever felt 1 augmented ass, about 12 years ago, it looked amazing but was kind of hard?! I assume/hope technology has improved since then :pray:


A real american bimbo

Rug burns on the elbows. Straight smash pig

Not a fan of these fake asses…they are ghastly. But your photos are great!