Thick college Ebony with a big bubble butt (OC + GIFS)

A few weeks ago while walking to college campus I encountered this chick with a huge round ass jiggling and thick thighs in these jeans that quickly caught my eyes. It’s like I quickly fell in love. While she was walking and talking to her friends, I was capturing her and I will be honest that my phone sucks at quality at some angles, but I did what I did, and capture her face as best without suspicion. Let me know what y’all think and enjoy.



Updates! The other week I stumbled again on that gorgeous black babe with another of her tight jeans on and she had her braids pulled up and decided to cap another angle because she’s definitely begging for it. Funny story, I followed her walking with her friend up stairs and I was so close behind her that my face was literally almost touching her huge precious booty. I couldn’t stop staring at that beauty but then I was hella nervous because I didn’t want her friend and this other girl by the stairs to find me suspicious. Luckily they didn’t look at me or cared, but her jiggly ass close to my face was everything to make my day and I will remember that feeling. What a paradise my eyes went through that day. My face was literally like the very last GIF ngl…



Gorgeous and such a sexy thick ass I love it !! DEFINITELY Want moreee of her🤤

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Excellent! Very good cap of a gorgeous bubble booty! :heart_eyes::peach:

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The videos of these 2 caps are now available with audio, some good quality, and added slow mo to watch that working booty really bounce. Enjoy watching this chick jiggle her huge juicy bubble booty and giving show on screen :peach:

Campus video

Walking upstairs video (my personal fav)

Let me know if you have a problem downloading the vids