Thick Latina at the store


please, rotate the picture…i cannot like a post that is so careless, albeit the subject is amazing

How did you manage to get all the pics sideways, least you could have done was edit them upright.

First world problems. But modern internet users love to complain

this is absurd: why should 100s of people repeat the same operarion when the OP could have done it?

besides: the OP is simply losing likes…maybe this post could have gone in the TOP section and be highly visible for all users to enjoy…

…but no…it will be lost for an unjustifiable negligence

and now someone is even endorsing it :scream:!!

i am just telling him why i don’t put a like. And i do it on behalf of a lot of others…look, this post could easily be in the hundreds by now…
And who ever complained about the exposition?? what a straw man argument…come on…rotate that f****n pic my friend😘
besides, you are assuming others do not cap for lack of balls…even if so: do we need balls for pointing out some bloody trivial mistakes?
i really don’t understand why you sound so salty.

just rotate the picture…no rotation, no likes…is that simple

well i live in a small mountain community in cantral Asia where women aren’t curvy and dress in a totally unrevealing way. I tried to cap, but, unsurprisingly, i did not generate engagement. you might have missed the bit where i said that ‘i am speaking on behalf’ of many missed likes. But frankly you don’t sound like someone who listen much…

‘‘please, rotate the picture…i cannot like a post that is so careless, albeit the subject is amazing’’

btw, you do good works…i am sure you don’t have to dig much to find a like of mine…or a positive comment too…i am not stingy with those😉

aaand…i will go on pointing out those who do not rotate…be honest my friend…is ridiculous to have good caps, and spoil it for such nonsense

Nobody cares about that like mate.


the like is a token that represents a happy netizen…nice people care