Thick Latina Coworker pt.9

Finally got some closeups for your guys. Please enjoy


I feel like she is tue forums sexy coworker now! i love this woman! her waist to ass ratio is insaine🔥


This woman doesn’t lack curves, excellent post

You’re my favourite account keep it up man

Broooo. Thank you! It’s always a delight getting to see more of your fine ass coworker.
Gracias :pray:t3:

Now that’s a WIDE ass

She is insane

Thick is right

Pinhole GoPro in your shoe next time. (You’re welcome)

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Great caps… would love to see her face

I like when the dress stretches in betw-een the cheeks, that’s how you know it’s a fatty lol

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Is there a latina trend…

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She does not disappoint

She knows what she’s doing

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Our favorite Latina coworker! :heart_eyes:

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How do you resist not grabbing that ass ? :triumph:

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I wish smelling vision was invented already so I could take a big, deep whiff of it

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Yup so true. Indeed

Insane ass

Ufff!!! que culo tan delicioso!!