Thick middle eastern ass at store (video)

Saw this big booty middle eastern looking chick at a shoe store and was able to get a quick video and snaps. Her ass was nice a big and those yoga pants helped showcase it. She also was checking herself out in the mirror for some reason. Enjoy and like!



I GYAT to go to the Nike outlet store!

Amazing cap love this thick ass, thanks for sharing :pray: :pray:

Beautiful ass!!


Nice phat ass

Massive ass on her, great profile shots!

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Man i would eat that ass then eat curry with her for dinner :yum:

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You weren’t lying!! DAMN

Such a thick ass :face_exhaling: thanks

who knows how good her pussy nectar is​:sweat_drops::yum::drooling_face::scream:

What a beautiful middle eastern woman with a fat ass, made me hard af

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I would not be able to get anything done if I was that guy

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Need more middle eastern girls here fr


Incredible work! Any chance for a reup?

Video link not working

not sure why media fire blocked my vid. dang it. here you go:


Lovely middle eastern ass. Great caps bro

Love it, thanks!!

Great contribution, please brother if you can re-upload the link. because the other visual medium surely decreased the quality of the video.

Oh damn! Phatty!!