THICK Nerdy teen Redhead in Leggings (VIDEO)

I was walking through Nordstroms and saw this beautiful little redhead teen with glasses. She was sitting down waiting to get fitted for some shoes, so i couldnt see her ass. But i could see her thighs and i knew she had a thick ass. Ran into her later at the food court and BOY was i right! It was very rainy and gloomy this day so i had to turn the brightness up to ensure i captured her beauty, so quality did suffer a bit but not much…

Her curly hair, beautiful face, nerdy glasses and thick ass will ensure you fall in love! As always, enjoy Kings :wink:


Almost forgot one. Here she is at the peak of a pull up.


Thanks for sharing :pray:

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It’s only about 30 minutes old I’m sure it’ll get More comments lol

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Thic redheads are my weakness :weary:

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Someone have the video on Mediafire? Works better for me

Mmmmm God pussy

Ginger spice for the holidays!

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She’s perfect great capture

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Wow what a catch

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Superb catch! She is hot!

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That feeliing when you prove your suspicions right!

That thickened ass is building chubs all day.

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Any advice on getting the video to work? I can get the video pulled up but when trying to play takes forever to load and constantly pauses.

What a fat ass

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Omg she is soooooo fine I love redheads I shal repay the favor

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:fist: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops:


Looks like the hotter version of someone I know