Thick PHAT ASS Ebony Nerd Bending Over (OC)

nah i didnt. I didnt know she was doing all this until i checked the footage

Pm me for vid

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Damn this girl put on a show

Dayuuum!! She definitely was posing for you. She was even giving you a side eye.

I swear…my guy has never gotten hard so quick, wow! I love ebony caps…we need more of them!

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every1 that pmed me, ill send the vid tmrw morning. give me some time to finish edits. literally gotta go frame by frame to keep her face and other identifying info out :ninja:

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I’m new but going to be very active! I just posted a preview of my first video. I cannot pm you sadly until i earn my badges but please put me down for this video if you can remember. Thanks so much!

Yup i got u

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I had smacked that ass and asked her number :smiling_imp: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Anyone have the video!? Not simple GIFs.

you shouldve said some to her :drooling_face:

Amazing caps. What a great ass too. Nicely done.

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Incredible work man! :fire: :fire: :fire:

Nice job!

Vid for this would be :fire:

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