Thick Subway Ass

Y’all gonna love this!


You have a different definition of thick. :laughing:

What can I say man :joy:


My man, you couldn’t have said it any better! :raised_hands:t4: They don’t know about that, I can’t fuck with that fake and skinny shit, that’s just me, at least we can agree on that!

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I’d by thick you mean fat, then yes I agree. :100:

That shit is nice and thick. Even that dude in front of her is like dayumm i want to hit it. Would love to clap that from the back. Good capture.


Hot damn she’s stunning :heart_eyes:

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She definitely needs to get clapped from the back

No one is hurt. Maybe your feelings? To each their own.


its ok bro, a lot of these ppl on this site call flat women “thick” 24/7. Then the actually thick women are “fat.” Seeing posts like this is a breath of fresh air for the guys that actually like thick ass.

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