Thick Subway Ass

Y’all gonna love this!


You have a different definition of thick. :laughing:

What can I say man :joy:

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nah man. she’s thick. the term is just getting watered down in this new era. we can thank instathots and culture vultures for that :unamused:

great post!


My man, you couldn’t have said it any better! :raised_hands:t4: They don’t know about that, I can’t fuck with that fake and skinny shit, that’s just me, at least we can agree on that!

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I’d by thick you mean fat, then yes I agree. :100:

what’s your problem?

who goes around insulting random women on the internet?

think it makes you look cool? nah, you look like an incel.

keep the negativity to yourself.

if you don’t like the content, keep it moving. it’s easier than typing out your hurt feelings.

That shit is nice and thick. Even that dude in front of her is like dayumm i want to hit it. Would love to clap that from the back. Good capture.

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Hot damn she’s stunning :heart_eyes:

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She definitely needs to get clapped from the back

No one is hurt. Maybe your feelings? To each their own.