This ass just asks me to grab and slap her. Edit: I have added a link for the video ;)


Oh yes ! Buil to slap and bang !
I hope you have a vid of it :yum:

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Yes I have :wink:

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I want to see it pleaseeee ! :crazy_face:

Uhhh. How to share it exactly :sweat_smile:

If you want to share it there, you can upload the vid in the “videos” part of the forum (on upper right angle).

Then you can post the link of the vid, here, like a reply to your own post

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I will post it later today

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She is thick

Here is the video link I promised. Tell me what you think about that moving ass



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She is trooping it with that ass back and forth!
Great catch

amazing ass. i would def grab it and slap my dick in betw33n these cheeks

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