This girl has an amazing ass…there’s got to be a video. NOT OC

This girl has the best ass! :fire::heart_eyes::drooling_face: Any idea if there’s a vid?


Amazing ass

If there is one I wouldn’t mind seeing it either

Maybe you should ask the guy who originally took the pics.


If only I knew who he was. I’ve looked high and low for anything and can’t find anything other than a few pics. She is so bubbly!

I love it.


I edited the pic according to the site expectations, others may remove the post completely.

I’ve seen this, don’t remember the shooter

Fuck yes

Examples? Most O/C is just trash (mine included) tbh but a lot of the awesome o/c for example user bleebang get a lot of likes, Just browse the top posts and all if not most are o/c.

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Yeah, hot ass!!


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