Tight pants teen


What a whore


not my type of pants im usually into but it looks nice how she pulls it up!


Nice shots

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Love the up the sleeve shots, good job OP.
Love her pants too, jolly lass.

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mhm nice ass


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That was by total accident, haha! All my candids are actually screenshots from specific frames in videos that I record. I didn’t even realize that I’d captured such an image until I was searching for frames of her ass. I came across that part and was like, “oh shit! Not what I wanted but it’s a sexy tease.” So I took about 6 of those frames.


I do have the video but I need to review it before I post it. I’m sure there was a mirror somewhere in that gift shop that I probably recorded my own damn self in the process of getting her. I have to trim it down before publishing it.


She knows what she’s got and she’s such a slut about it!

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She has no fashion sense, dressy pants with t-shirt, so she needs to be stripped.

I would rather she just casually & discreetly jerked me off at the counter she’s standing next to and then whisper in my ear, demanding I stain her shirt and pants.

Incredible work. Love the up the shirt sleeve and the lower-front shots. Epic!


Fuck I love teen ass so much :hot_face::peach::smiling_imp:

Dying to see it sir…:sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

Nice butt and pants.

What a great catch holy shit! Getting shots of a fine specimen hiking up their pants is always so good :drooling_face:

Dying to see this video :smiling_imp: