Tights and a nice firm ass


My phone is in its holder in my hip, nobody would have a clue. My phone has a hidden app that shows the regular screen if I am using it so even then people wouldn’t know but why do you say that?

Because you Can easily be mistaken for a predator or lurking for kids if you are a grown guy hanging around a playground with no kids. I dont know Your situation but that is The most obvious answer I Can give

As in kids Of Your own

I never take pics with kids nearby but I hear you. I’m cautious

My kid was playing so not lurking but I get what your saying

I look like I’m with my kid if I do record, remember my phone is on my hip so it’s not obvious in anyway.

Btw a lot of these guys who post here are very obvious and wonder why they are risking getting caught. If your gonna do this, it’s gotta be done smartly which some on here don’t do.

Thats good, was just trying to look out for you🙂

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I appreciate it, I just watch some of the posts here and some people are so blatant about taking these pics, imagine ruining your life over trying to sneak some pics on a girl. There is so much porn out there that it’s almost not worth the risk unless you do it smartly


True, some guys need to Think with Their head on top and not Down low lol

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Lol, that’s not realistic but your right