Tips for women’s stores

I really wanna try to go into a store like lulu-lemon where there are sure to be tons of hot girls to capture, but I’ve been too scared since it feels like it’s gonna be obvious what I’m doing since I have no actual reason to be there. How should I go about remaining hidden / not suspicious and still getting good shots?


You are absolutely correct. Trying to get candids in lulu is trouble waiting to happen and only a matter of time before you’re busted good and proper. I’d just leave that place well alone if I were you.


Go in and ask for things for a birthday present etc pretend buying for SO


I would say don’t risk it, but if you absolutely have to then don’t be greedy and overstay your welcome. If anyone asks say you’re browsing for something for your girlfriend/wife. Again though, women’s stores are a trap.


Have a women with you, that is the easiest solution, you can also cap her plus it is a great distraction in general. You just have to be careful.


If you’ve got a phone in your hand, you’re playing on Nightmare Difficulty lol. If your phone is hidden however it won’t be so bad as long as you keep moving frequently and don’t linger. Keep passing by the target every now and then to get the shots. And as previously stated, just say you’re browsing for a present for your wife/girlfriend if any staff member asks and joke around that you’re a typical man that will probably get the wrong item etc. Maybe even have a screenshot(s) on your phone of certain womens clothings that you’re (pretending) to look for.

But yeah, you’re a total pro if you can pull it off.


Try a dry run to see what kinda vibe u get at the store.may not be all you bargained for. I went to a victoria secret to pickup on half naked chicks and was

Lululemon sells men’s stuff…

I love Lululemon as a customer for just a couple niche items. Another pro way to soften your subject is to engage in conversation around seeking items for another person. Perhaps a girlfriend. I would make it hot and say some word like “lover” or “mistress” to insinuate something even deeper sexually. Ask about HER and her clothes. I would even go as far as complimenting her on how you like the way she looks in her pants and you’d like to take a look at them if they have them on hand. And then divert to idk how…they MUST have pockets

The ass is in there all day long just waiting for you anytime you want it. Or I go another route and immediately say when I get inside I’m just killing some time and using their air conditioning. They don’t care.

Another way to film outside of Lululemon is carry the type of backpack with a waterbottle pocket on each side. Used to keep a gopro pointed upwards in one of those and just take it off my shoulder every now and then shifting for those quality low angles. Got some really good peeps in once that way. Made it as far as the Starbucks restroom before I watched those videos on my phone. Vigorously, as people knocked on the door, I finished.

That was a special day. Asses were OUT. Slutty college girls all lined up ready to party and all before noon on a weekday. That day was superb morning. I need another gopro.

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Bring a small shoulder bag with your phone sticking out, start recording before you get inside. Don’t carry it in front of you until after you’ve walked around with it behind you for awhile. No pun intended but just ASSess the store. Are there men working inside? I usually just leave. I’ll go straight in, grab some pants and by then I already have glanced at all the ass in the room. Then walk straight up to a woman that seems the least busy. Maybe one at the counter and ask her to let you into a room. NOW! is the time to pull your bag around and film while following her to the fitting rooms. Make sure you tell her a fake name and rub your dick all over the clothes while you are in there so when they fold them they are touching your dick vicariously.

Can’t handle lulu stores they tooo risky brotha >:) I am grooot

What the hell is a lulu store

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I’m just tripping bro :laughing: