To Blur Or Not To Blur

Here’s an interesting question. Let’s say you got some nice footage of a girl/location possibly known to you
Girl is attractive in face anf bod and you wanna post her face in your shots… is that ‘safe’ or acceptable? Risky? Just not sure :woman_shrugging:

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I definitely used to contemplate this or worry but then I think, what are the odds of anything getting back to her? And depending on the situation, how can anyone prove who you are & that you’re the one who took/posted said content ya know? Idk. I’m also at a point in my life where I don’t give a shit about almost everything so.


Face shotz are a necessity at times! Other times, the face will kill the shot - YOU know LOL!

I don’t have a single shot I wouldn’t show the face if possible. I’m more worried about the backdrop! I spent the beginning not videoing because of getting kids in the shot, obviously equipment, etc.


I like to incorporate my subjects faces it adds more allure to the body right?..But to respect someone out of courtesy I would block their face if I knew them.

As a girl, I would prefer my face to actually be in it. It’s way more flattering! :heart:


I usually did not include the face, but I learned through the years that adding the face give additional satisfaction. Anyway it depends on the case if I share the face as well. I did it with girls I know personally actually, because what are the odds? It could be anyone taping them.

generally dont blur but one of the candids i took of a friend blew up on tiktok, got like a million views, not sure if she ever found out about it but it got my adrenaline going. so hot knowing probably hundreds of thousands of people jacked it off to her :joy:

So many things come to mind…

:notes: Hung up on your mother shit :notes:

Idk :smirk:

Is that viral pic on here?

naaa it is not

@geekiegirl I gotta ask. Do you have a nice ass?

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I’d like to think so…who knows?! Lol.


@geekiegirl post it here :eyes::peach::grin:

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i second this motion… all the yays and nays??

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