To iPhone users. How I cap pics and vids

Yup. I turn the screen light down all the way. I put the phone on silent mode and I use the volume button to take the pics so it looks like I’m just holding my phone.

Im 6’3 the phone hangs at my waist. Most of the time and that’s usually good enough to get solid pics. Some times I’ll hold it up like I’m look at a text lol to get real close shots

Always keep it close to your body. Especially if people are behind you or around you. Turn your flash off obviously. Im able to get close because I just don’t care lol. Most girls may assume but most won’t ask unless they can prove it.

I usually wear headphones in the gym so they really don’t know. Using the volume button allows you to take many pics in a short period of time. To catch vids hold the volume button instead of pressing multiple times.

The only down fall about the iPhone is that if you’re more than 3-4 feet away the pics seem a lot further away than they actually are in person


I legitimately didn’t know as I’ve always used sp cam or shortcut cam lol, so it helped me and could have its uses.


What is shortcut cam man? Can u please send the link? I used sp cam and it was good too.wanna try the other one…

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This is how to do it @CautiousEngineer
The app is called Shortcuts
One click does all that work and more.
Headphones? You can setup a word or phrase to start the cam mode or the video mode.

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And for another group of settings:

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