Tons of Hot Girls (+My Best Shot Ever)

Didn’t think I was going to get the MILF in striped shorts… she was walking way too fast and I think she caught on. Then, while looking for allergy pills she randomly stepped right in front of me and I took my chance! She has a perfect body, beautiful face, and the shots are nice and clear! I hope you enjoy this set as much as I do.


Perfect milf in shorts

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Yes! Them shorts!!!

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Yes!! She was absolutely perfect. Her body looked so much better in person.

I thought I wasn’t going to get it because I think she saw me so she started walking super fast and disappeared down an aisle + I wasn’t trying to follow her around the store. I got really upset and went over to pick up some allergy medicine and when I looked up she was standing there. Then I started fumbling my phone around all awkwardly and even if she saw me I still got an awesome shot out of it.


What strategy do you use to get the pics of them looking like they are talking to you? I love those ones

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Literally just go up and talk to them. I don’t really use this approach on regular girls because random guys approaching girls is kind of creepy.

I go up to store workers, ask them a stupid question, and then record them while I’m doing it


Exactly. No other way then to start talking :+1:

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Damn what a beauty!! I could only imagine seeing her in real life!! :weary::hot_face: - lovely busty beauties in this set! I appreciate your hard work!

these are amazing

You can tell the slut with the red shirt likes to be choked

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Amazing, thank you!