Too many Non OC?

Idk if it’s just me but it seems every few other post made are non OC. Don’t get me wrong some Non OC post are worth it! But feel like the ratios getting off. And no cred too


This is an old debate…

TLDR: This site is open to the general public, 99% full of lurkers and content thieves. Ownership doesn’t care to support OC shooters.


Though I do agree 100% this is mainly the only candid site I use anymore, so sometimes it’s good to even get a good old classic that’s been circulating on the internet for years.
I personally visit the site more than I’m out in the field creating content but I do try to keep the non oc posts to a minimum these days.
As far as giving shooters credit, it can be easier sometimes over others especially with as many places as you can find content like this. Shit just gets shared and shared and shared. Next thing you know you have more than one person claiming they shot it.

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1000%. Barely even use this one anymore

i can’t say much cus i don’t post content but as long as the videos and photos are high quality and the chick is hot i don’t see the problem with uploading someone else’s content as long as it hasn’t been posted already

I’ve only just signed up but was a member years ago of a different candid forum, where I went by the name of ardole…It’s interesting to see some of my OC videos on here, posted by other users. I’m not complaining, as it’s quite satisfying knowing that someone rated my content highly enough to steal it and post it here!

Great! Thanks for your service?
No one stole shit LMAO
Take it how you want to, all your sites allowed the content to be downloaded so reframe moving forward. I got tons of content but don’t use it to sell like many others do, I’ll share and clearly state Non OC - I do t have to know the shooter, I didn’t have to pay for the download that was readily available, all the other sites get shut down for various reasons, whatever it takes to keep good content flowing. I got my own stuff anyway

Didn’t I tell you about this site?
I know I warned you if I did, where I messaged you content is being saved as well.
This is the internet.
Like your other location, this place downgrades the pics and videos so no one will have the full quality. Also fully open to the public.
So not here nor there? I’d love to know a better place, and why.

Sorry for the rant folks

Also, if not for that content, there would be a ton that didn’t make it through - or at least the mods should also be pickier about what gets through