Top Tier Booty in NVGTN Leggings (OC)

One of the GOAT captures in my opinion. I’m guessing this is a camera setup because if it was by hand that makes it even more insane.

I only shoot with a phone, no hidden setup for me.

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Defintely top tier. Thanks for the video!

Has to be one of the greatest captures ever. Those up close shots are god tier.

Man, i wish words could repay you for how thankful i am for this cap. it is beyond god-tier, this girl is in my top 5 easily, maybe even my top 3 caps of all time!! Busted to this a couple days ago, no less
2 of the other contenders are these - 1 and that one blonde girl in tight grey “shorts” (iykyk)

but THIS chick, the shape, the side-eye… everything about her is SO freaking sexy. I legitimately have downloaded different posts of this file probably 10 times now. Excited that this may be the original edit with the least compression. Thank you so much for capping and posting, you are a god among men!! :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

Gotta come back for the vid, great shots!

Top 10 I’ve seen in all my life. What a legend, thanks for the vid

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Nice bro. Did it end up coming in handy ? lol :smirk:

Definitely the original copy. Had to do extra editing since he was wearing black leggings, but this was the most time I spent editing. Also saved the original on every hard drive, usb stick, cloud storage that I could.


What a nice ass!

Nahh this girl is different. She has the most perfect and beautiful stomach and ass I’ve seen on this forum, maybe ever. I wonder what life is like for her; every single guy just staring and drooling over her perfect ass, every single girl glaring at her with jealousy. Imagine being her brother or cousin or something, how would you live with yourself :face_with_spiral_eyes::drooling_face:

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god shes perfect

Someone share where I can find these Ty!

Everything is in this thread, you need to look around

top tier

Beyond god tier…


Look at that delicious meat on that beautiful thang

if this isn’t the best cap I’ve ever seen, it’s definitely in the top 5! all around excellent, from subject matter to your steady hand… incredible!

She’s thicker than personal preference, but wow what a fabulous cap man! Well executed on one fine fat ass!