Two 🇩🇪 gym girls Shopping


Amazing, hotties for sure. Thanks

Nice close ups, those are some great asses :hot_face:

omg that girl in the orange can fart on my face any day of the week :dash::tired_face:

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Maybe it was her stance, but fuck, the thight gap with the black leggings! That was wiide, whew!

Thsoe tight legs and those gaps are so damm good! The gap of the black leggings have me drooling all the way to writing, this, amazing catch!

This has to blow up

Great Catch mate…super sexy asses, so delicious

Oh wow
Thank you

Elles sont super bonnes

Great catch

Wow nice…

Great Pics! Thank you!


They looks gorgeous, thanks man! Video would be epic…

Those german girls in Teveo leggings always get me!!