Two pretty teens with tight butts in leggings vtl

Imagine a world without leggings - all these girls wouldn’t be able to show the general public what their butts look like :dizzy_face:


Absolutely :fire::fire::fire:


I agree!:fire::fire::fire:

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Blondie has some breast on her! Wish there were more frontals.

Wow top quality, love when you can see the material of the pants

Top notch

Very nice photos. Especially like the girl in blue leggings and big tits. I’ve already had a good wank to her and shot a massive load. I’ll try to fit in a wank over the other girl later today if I find time.

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Fucking delicious bro thank you mmmmm

Cutie how they look insecure, but I bet they keep going out now showing off. Most women I know love attention and have admited it to me.


:fist: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops:

Wow, these girls are so hot. Look at those thight asses all well packed in beautiful leggings! So great the don’t mind to wear see through ( or don’t know and no one tells them…)
Thank you for your great effort!

Fuck yeah ! I want to run up and grab her arse !

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Both, the orange first!

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Wow great shots. Thank you.

Omg this post is frikin epic!
Is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Love it through and through! Two soooo cute looking girls. Great body’s, wearing leggings in those colors… and vtl on top of that… epic…


I think im in love :green_heart: