Two sexy friends both in super short shorts (One of my faves)


Great shots.

Great pairs of legs, those ass cheeks are on show.

suns out buns out

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My favourite also!

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Yeah this is fire

you ever feell like some of your best stuff doesnt seem to get the atttention youd imageine?

Yeah it’s pretty strange sometimes, I think there a lot of factors, time of day when posting, category, but overall I don’t get it. @bleebang has posted some ridiculously good stuff and gets no attention

I think maybe you could post more pics and it would get ya more likes too

Beauitful angles man

@malik yeah it is weird, I’ll post something worthy and get like 12 likes. Then one day I’ll post an okay candid and it will blow up. Haha

I think time of day to upload is important. Too. Most users are based in the states are are active during late evening so I always try to think about that

Would be very tempting to grope and fondle their soft butt cheeks

Damn… how did I missed this… :see_no_evil:
Great shots Dude!
:fire::peach: Cheeks.

This is amazing! Beautiful work

i kno tight is right but loose fit has always been my fave. thanx