Types of boobs

What type of boobs do you guys like the most? It can be a combination of a few. I can add on the types of boobs here if i missed out any:

  • huge
  • tiny
  • moderate
  • firm
  • saggy
  • drooping
  • full
  • milky
  • veiny
  • soft
  • hard
  • watermelon shaped
  • papaya shaped
  • torpedo
  • cone
  • round
  • perky
  • jiggly
  • bouncy
  • swaying
  • smooth
  • rough
  • sandbag

Smooth + Round

I just go for sizes small sleneder babes for sure 32 b’s or possible some C’s. Thick girls for sure D’s or double F. I use to work lingerie at a department store. I know sizes on and off women😁


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All of the above

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Tiny + firm in most cases are my favorites. But I also like them bouncy.

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small, perky, saggy and big areola’s

I’m curious on what a rough boob is? This type of woman must have alligator skin :thinking:

I prefer bag of sand boobs.

i was going to say he forgot about sandbags, thanks for mentioning it, good to know I’m not alone

there is a federal mandate to survey males in all 50 states for a new boob registry

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Huge and Bouncy

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Thanks for mention. Added in sandbag

The bigger the better. Natural only! Hate bolt-on boobs.

My general rule is the larger the dress size the bigger I expect.

Size 8 - C cup
Size 10-14 - DD cup
Size 16 - F cup

Of course, ideally a size 8 with DD’s is amazing.