Wow this is one of my best shots I’ve ever got they were both taking pics together and I finally got my chance to cap them. I think the one saw my phone and didn’t care and smiled at me


Top tier asses thats for sure. I dont think i would have been able to stop my hand from slapping those asses tho. 10 out of 10 holy shit. Theyre so perky and thicc. So tell us, what kind of body position were you in when you took these?? How do you get under there feet with a camera up lol


this is an awesome cap. thanks for sharing

:gem: :gem: :gem:

This is called the MEGA close up. Indeed

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MF Got Dayum I would eat those booties for hours

These are the greates bikini caps I have ever seen.

Amazing fat asses amazing angles, thanks for sharing


They both got some nice asses

Amazing set

A heaven on earth

Gaaahh damn that’s some ass!!!

So doughyyyy, good stuff man.

is there a video of these perfect asses? :heart_eyes:


This is the first time i didn’t get annoyed because the pics weren’t edited and rotated. Those buns wouldn’t fit if the poc was rotated good good!


OMFG!! :exploding_head::exploding_head:
I just busted a big load to this as soon as I saw this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Outstanding angles bro :exploding_head::fire:
Mouthwatering pics :drooling_face::drooling_face:
Legendary catch :fire:
Would love to see more of these beauties :heart_eyes::drooling_face::fire: