Uploading workflow

quick question about uploading new stuff. Sorry if this is a repost, I did a quick search for workflow and didn’t see what I was after. and I know no one wants to see boring text posts from noobs.

I’ve got a few images and videos I shot over the weekend and want to make my first upload to the site, but also want to scrape them - make sure no personal info is in meta, etc.
Not sure if I should upload from dropbox or some other place.

There are so many pros here, i thought I’d ask about workflow taking images and video off computer and uploading here. Are there any recommendations I can follow?


Good question about the meta, would love some input as well.

I don’t have info, other than when saving photos from the site meta is not there. I’ve tried small files and large ones, sometimes 4-10mb files upload to less than 1mb. No meta.

That is a setting in iPhones too, at least for geo. Windows is just a turd! I cannot get meta to load in FileX and need to use another program to do so…at least I haven’t figured it out. The extra columns slows the PC to a screeching halt as well when working with 4tb of total data, couldn’t imagine with my plex data ugh!!!