Vacation was amazing


Wel damn! Comin back with the heat!!!
I got you :muscle:

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Fremont street is amazing :joy:


I hope I get a check mark soon @Lizzy

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Whores everywhere. :grin:

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This ain’t Twitter, dont stress!!! :heart:

Never been to Vegas, can you give us some context??

Amazing shit, booking my flight now lol


Vegasss baby

Very true

All we need is… video!)

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I’m in Vegas right now and can confirm there is tons of ass here. It’s insanity

Time to move to las vegas

Omfg. Dude i for real went from 6 to midnight REAL QUICK.

Fremont street be wilding. If you get a chance to go to the strip pools. Mgm mandalay new york etc, u will get some good content there too.

I live in Vegas and there’s definitely no shortage of ass in these streets :rofl:

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I need some vacation to :sweat_smile:

that one dude holding the ass against his ear like a seashell on the beach

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It’s good they don’t seem to care ppl putting hands on. I’d be grabbing it like the guy in the blue but fingers at her crack too