Very cheeky line at the fair

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Great catch man!!! They are both freaking hot as fuck! Makes you want to reach right up there and grab either of those sweet asses!!!

That is amazing, first-rate stuff!! Thanks for sharing, especially love that second frame where she’s bending over!

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These little sluts know what they are doing wear them small ass shorts with them soft and yummy cheeks out !


Everyone’s still waiting for the video link :eyes::sweat_smile:

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Jups still waiting… like them both

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Damn you have know idea what I would do to all that ass

Looks good, 10/10 would wait in line for this too. Great capture. Appreciate ya!

Fairgrounds are gold mines. These sexy teens got a lot of men hard and happy that day!


Yea that’s a quick squeeze and run

Mmmmm nice !

Black shorts is absolute slutty perfection. Thighs barely rubbing, early cellulite being fed by her appetite for junk food. I’d have wet dreams for days after seeing this in the wild.

Very cheeky! Great catch!!

I might become a Carney if I knew I would get shots like that all day lol

some of you guys camera work is second to none.

Holy shit! These are fantastic!