Wally world

I was wondering what’s the best time to go to Wally World to find some ass I wanna know what time y’all recommend

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Cant put a timeframe on finding good ass bro its either there or it aint. XP

With that being said weekends would probably be the best around afternoon hours. Everyones off work going to restock for the workweek! Goodluck!

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Agreed, you can’t put timeframe on that really. In my experince in the past morning/day is MILF time, late afternoon teen, evening mix. Summer is great, but I have found that even winter you have the random PJs type. Also, try different Wally Worlds around the city. You will be surprised what you find.

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Take the age of your expected target and divide that by 12.
Multiply that number by the day in the current phase of the moon (syncs with her menstrual cycle)
Multiply that by her waist size
Divide that by 24
That is the perfect time.

For example:
24 year old girl
26 inch waist
3rd Day of the moon phase
24/12263/24 = 6.5 = 6:30 pm

Works every time.

Good luck!


This is the fastest way to get yourself permanently banned from all of the Mouse’s properties.

Take a shot of opportunity here and there, but don’t plan anything out, don’t bring any elaborate rigs, etc. Their security is constantly watching for creepers, and there are Karens everywhere waiting to report you to the manager.

Don’t be an idiot. The mouse will permanently ban you from all their properties.

90% of their security are plain-clothed ex cops and ex feds, they have a drunk tank and holding cells under the park.

Best comment ever!

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Madison Square Garden also has ex NYC cops as security and they have a drunk tank under the stadium there too. Found that one out the hard way.


I found out about the underground city through a VIP tour I took years ago, it was amazing. The amount of engineering was staggering, since Florida has groundwater issues, so basements and underground structures are usually impossible or cost-prohibitive, plus wallybworld is almost entirely swampland.

If i lived in florida id get an annual pass to the mousehouse and universal and just watch ass all day. Id figure out how to make a living doing it. not sure, but id figure it out somehow.

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Cheaper to just go to Dizknee Springs (formerly Downtown Dizknee)

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So does Comiskey Park. Found that out after Frank Thomas threw me out of a game.

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