Warning about Creeping in target

Seen this on Facebook, if anyone is located in Waco,Tx. Might want to lay low for a bit from going to Target. Stuffs getting real now. Comments also talk about the walmart in the area to. Having alot of abuductions in the area it seems. People actually taking pics and following creepers to there vehicle to ID them.


:eyes::eyes::eyes: oh shit

Please do not post links to people’s social media pages. Even if they are Karens who are exposing creeps…We don’t want to go down that road.


It’s really easy to get tunnel vision while on the hunt. I recently got caught by some college bros because I was so focused on the target that I didn’t notice I was obvious as fuck.


For sure this is always a good tip. Don’t get caught up in the moment. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve only realized after filming that I didn’t check my surroundings before hand. Gotta pick and choose how you’re using your finite luck :joy:


Can confirm. I’ve been so focused on the target (and her friends) from not spotting me, I often finish my creep and look up and someone else is staring at me. Not sure if they know what I’m doing or not but usually disengage and get the hell out of there.


It doesn’t help that 99% of people out there are oblivious to the law. If they even suspect that you are recording some mght go crazy and demand for you to delete it. But keep in mind that at least here in the USA it’s not illegal to take pictures in public and althought taking in private property might be against the rules inside that property, the most that they can do is kick you out — candid shooting is usually safe if you’re careful and not obvious and for the love of god don’t shoot anything illegal like uppies or dressing room shots, those are one way tickets to being arrested.