I appreciate everything this site creator has done. But the new videos with the watermarks really kill the spirit of the site. The watermarks are in the middle of the videos and are extremely distracting. “Boner killer” is the term I’m really going for. Also, I think because the videos had to be re-recorded to include the watermark, the resolution of each video has gone down. It might have gone down by a full 50% of pixels.

I would rather pay for access to the good videos and have no option for download than have to deal with the watermark videos. The way this site used to be was awesome. But the watermarks pretty much kill it for me. Once again, I don’t want to disrespect the creator. I just want to bring a legit argument to light.

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I’d pay about $15/month.

What I would do (since I think you rightfully want to get compensated for your time) is post a bunch of your videos with the watermark on other sites for advertising. That’s how I found this site by the way. However, I would keep the high resolution originals (without the watermark) on your site. Then try to make money through ad revenue. Exclude the download option so people have to keep coming back.

Thanks for your hard work!

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the videos are amazing thanks for making this website

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