Well you win some you lose some

my eyes were presented with a challenge they were unable to over come… this chick in the yellow top had nipples like BLAM right in my fckin face and as hard as i tried i just couldnt keep my eyes from dropping to them… its the whole reason she crossed her arms i think… i mean i could see the outline of the whole fckin nipple… the Tech N9ne song “whoop, areola” was beating through my brain… so i failed to get more shots of her because my eyes lost an unwinnable battle… “sorry & shit”


pretty small tits

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any more than a mouth full is a waste right?? im not convinced of that actually as i can find a use for about anything… lol… just had my furnace and central air replaced and repurposing the blower motor and cage into a high output shop fan… hhmm what i would do with sone extra tit tissue…


Love 'em small and perky. She’s fucking gorgeous, and those nipples… great job!

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flaquita pero esos pezones uffffff como morbosean bien

Especially perfect that she’s buying fishing tackle.

ya the irony is great cuz i was in that isle fishing for content… lol

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Love it!!! Big tits are great. But I get so hard when a fit girl with little perkies let’s them shine like this.

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Nice little nipple and breasts

I am an ass lover and in my experience girls with small boobs has even better asses, so yeah that’s why I like small perky boobs great content… Thanks