Went back to hooters

Hell yeah! thanks for the pics!


I’d be at Hooters everyday if they remove the silly dress code tights that they force them to wear under the shorts. Gets rid of the natural bare skin element :weary: Here’s to hoping!

such a cock block…err pussy block

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Wow! Those shorts always tease you. That waitress in the yellow definitely had some big cheeks and a lovely smile. She would make any man satisfied. Great work! And thank you! :+1::+1:

Jesus Christ.

There hot as thise girls mmmm great cap

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These are some really phenomenal shots you were able to capture here. I absolutely love the waitress wearing the visor, Megan. She is so cute and extremely beautiful. Those big blue eyes she has. I would absolutely have a really hard time trying not to hit on her hardcore for an hour while she was my waitress. Because I think she is an extremely beautiful woman. What a face and body.

I need to go to THAT Hooters. The choices at mine are pretty revolting, tbh.