What do yall do with mid footage

When yall record a subject that you think is hot but know wont get traction on here, do yall just post the footage anyways, keep it, or delete it.

Personally, i think ima purge a bunch of footage


I just keep it for my own enjoyment later honestly. Even if it’s not good enough for this site, it might be for me.


Makes sense

If you think it’s good for yourself keep it. But footage can use up a lot of space so anything I deem not “personal use” worthy I delete :joy:


Ya ive been doing the same. Since i get a lot of older women, i keep those unless they fine enough to post. But i got a bunch mid non-gilfs that ive just been deleting and asking myself “why did i even record this”


great question, and a very worthy conversation. i keep a lot of it and base my decisions to delete or not on the quality of the shoot. if the stuff is all blurry, no matter how hot i think the subject is it will usually find it’s way to the trash. also if there’s no decent face shots then those go bye-bye also.

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ya blurry footage of a hot subject is the worst. i also usually delete if the subject is hot but she doesn’t really give any action shots

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Recently I went through my mega and deleted a bunch of my caps I felt were not good enough. I felt it was time to make space for more better quality. I still have a lot I haven’t posted here but maybe I’ll delete those as well lol

im doing the same right now. got so much to delete

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I created a topic here on the forum, in which I thought that other people might share their articles that, in some way, for whatever reason the capture does not work as expected, due to several factors, bad lighting, blurry photo, short recording time , precisely to avoid receiving some type of judgment, understand that it is not a topic about unwanted women, but rather about hot topics that for some reason it was not possible to have the best result.

tbh, im not sure anyone wants to see ppls’ fuck ups lol. if u made it about questionable subjects (like bbws, gilfs, ebonies, etc) it might get more traction

NGL, a lot of these mid level subjects been snitching so ima just stop capping them. ill try my best to only cap the finest women i can because idk what it is but the fine women notice the cam but dont really do nothing but the mid to ugly women be snitching and getting angry.

post it