What gives you such a good thrill that your heart beats rapidly?

panty raids


Capturing dimes! Yesterday I saw one in jean shorts with her cheeks hanging out the bottom (my favorite) and just had to get up close. I have a Apple Watch and my heart rate jumped to 165 but I stayed in and got the shots


When I followed a girl for a long time and l get really close to her ass with my phone upside down in my hand. Usually while she’s turning around a corner or pushing a door open. Trying to get the perfect closeup. That is the ultimate gold standard moment! :v:Feels just as good in real time as it does on video later on.


The Holy grail for me is seeing a cute nerdy looking girl with a high pony tail and glasses n tight leggings. Not black, but light brown, pink, yellow etc and get a few close ups of her face, a selection of her ass walking or stood stationery, and the best of all, a good close up of her mound and if I’m especially lucky, a nice close up of her camel toe. I’m then literally running home to get my cock out and indulge myself in a delicious wank over my haul of candid captures. Lovely.

I’ve managed to get captures while at work. I get really strong chills not only because of how wrong it feels and how dangerous it is, but because the thrill is just so hot. I work at a place that lots of people show up at, so it is public, but damn. There’s a lot of people showing up wearing such relevaing stuff.


The biggest rush is when you first spot someone from far away and you just know she’s gold and you’re about to feast haha. Short shorts, thick ass, tits busting out, bending over, etc. Then you move in and just know you’re getting incredible content for later on :fire:


What is this a trap?
I’m about to get this thread deleted LOL

I’ve done a lot that gets my heart rate up!! This hobby has the obvious scenarios especially when trying to bury the phone in random asses.

But this is the latest, I mean there’s so much more. I’ll see the rest of the comments first


Photographing while on trails. More often than not, it’s just me and the other person for a good distance.

Trying to use a DSLR with a big lens is risky as hell. If you get caught, you’re caught.

I’ve missed opportunities because I thought they might turn around. Most times they don’t, but when they do, that’s the real rush. You could have been caught, but you were smart enough to raise the camera.

well, to be completely honest, not much does anymore and what little does shouldnt be aired out in punblic or anywhere at all for that matter… HA!! life has been a wild fckin ride for sure… im not a felon some how… one thing i can really state openly is giving it hell on the open rode on the motorcycle… i speed everywhere i go… almost 46 and have yet to catch a speeding ticket…

i guess there is one more thing and its public sex… ironically the last several girls ive been with i railed out in the public view… too worried about the police to think about having stage fright i guess…

candids dont make my heart pound like they used to… i know not to push my luck as i have years past… that and the phone i have currently is expensive but sucks for candids in a major way (i dont recommend the Z Fold3)… seems the phone size and unfolding it also draws peoples attention in addition to the shity camera…

something that scares me in a not good way that makes it pound is my little dogs going out the doggie door at night… had some owls try to feast one them few months back… luckily i was there and near by and heaard the wind swooshing and jumped into action… owls lived but one ran smack fckin dab into my lower back… fckin hurt us both… its amazing how much of an impact one of them big fckers can make… lol… lucky fckers lived only cuz i didnt have the 22 on me or it would have got pelted with shot shells… anyway, i know i can type too much BUTT FCK IT… im bored and it just bees like that sometimes…

did you post them?

Man I work in a warehouse it gets hot Soo them Latinas be coming in gym clothes my heart be beating when I’m trying get that ass without getting caught


I’ll post em when I find a new job ngl

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Tiny shorts … Any small shorts lol… The tight little ones pretty much just looks like panties tight asf black ones the college girls just be walking around in like im not gonna look lol


when i’m actually following the girls to get shots / when i’m getting real close to them


Does anyone ever name their subjects? I do, and I pick a name that in my opinion just suits them best (This one looks like a Jasmin…) :v::yum:
I do wonder though if I ever was right. :rofl:


The perfect opportunity, to put it simply.

Nothing gets my heart going more than finding the perfect subject, in the perfect lighting conditions, doing everything you would want her to do, without anybody else around to witness/ruin it.

I’ve had many opportunities like this, and they were incredible.

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