What’s the longest time you should take candids in a supermarket?

Yeah I sometimes look at my video file lengths surprised how short / long some of them are because it was all vibes + availability of subjects rather than the time itself.


Exactly. In fact I’d say being rigid about time will make you look more frantic or determined, which only reinforces this idea that you can only stay somewhere like 10-30 minutes. Like yeah you’re getting weird looks cuz you’re sprinting around Best Buy trying to get a decent cap with 2 minutes left!

Just go with the flow, be a good customer, and it makes things much much easier.


There is no pre-defined time, what makes the difference are the good or bad capture situations, and what determines this is common sense and care, yes the risks will always exist, even for the most experienced, on your part as a hunter you have to be careful, natural and a little moderate boldness, regarding the environment and people there are many variants.

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“Hello fellow candid photographer. Where might I find the best locations to “cap” women? How long do I stay before I look suspicious? What techniques might an experienced hunter like myself learn from the collective wisdom of my peers?”

LOL, there’s at least one post like this per month.


Or a suspicious wife or girlfriend asking this question


Or a SJW activist looking for dox info, or patterns they can use to help identify creep shot enthusiasts…

Or…it could just be a misguided individual who thinks that there’s a magic formula for taking great shots.

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I mean, I’m not doubting either of you walked around a Walmart for 4 hours, but how about posting some threads of them?

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I never have any issues in stores. What kind of issues are you noticing?

I don’t shoot in gyms though, mainly because I’m not into gym candids at all but also because of the awareness of gym creeps.

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I totally agree.
At least I don’t recommend it to begin with.
But what a good topic.
The evolution of people’s perception.

Cases like that are rare and usually because the shooter was a complete idiot. We’re all at risk, doing what we do, but that’s the reason why I am careful. I know it can happen I just make sure it doesn’t.

Perhaps, but I’m only concerned about current laws not hypothetical ones. If they change I’ll adapt accordingly.

More women are aware of creep shots these days thanks to viral tik tok videos. My girlfriend was watching one just this past week of a woman claiming to have been followed by a guy taking pictures of her.

Anyway…I also have noticed a trend here and on the art photography forums I’m a moderator for…some new account pops up with some new guy looking for the magic formula, or the secret code to taking better photos.

They always ask the dumb questions like “what shutter speed should I use? or what iso setting should I use” without realizing that there is no answer to those questions because there are just too many variables and too many unknowns.

It’s just lazy guys who don’t want to put any work into the hobby at all.

Does your gf know you are a mod on a candids forum and you take them yourself? That would have been an interesting conversation…

She doesn’t know about the mod thing, but she doesn’t mind the candids in the context of street photography. She’s much more open to these things than my Ex wife was.

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Ive stayed for hours but most of the time lets say i go out i would like to hit a couple stores usually a walmart for 45-60 min and small stores maybe 15-30.min-Some variables would be how hot the woman are,how many employees around how crowded,Am i garnering suspicion from other people/(mainly)employees,Are the females youre trying to cap running away from you/constanly gazing at you,I would try to limit a huge store like walmart to max 2 hours and you might aswell buy something,or if you feel like the employees are suspicious of you you could buy then leave.Peak Hours I stay a little longer just due to sheer amount of people and hot woman i want to cap