What's your strategy?

A little backstory:

I had stopped shooting for a long time and have recently been trying to get back into it. But, lately I’ve been having issues getting good shots and/or finding women worth my time. I feel like following a woman while “acting natural” (just browsing or having interest in a product on the shelf) isn’t working for me lately because:

  1. She goes down random aisles so it would be obvious I was following,
  2. I can’t get close enough while making it seem legitimate. (nobody around and it makes it weird being right next to each other)
  3. I spot her from almost across the store and I’m literally following her at that point and she knows.
    Because of things like this I feel like I have to back off and try to find a new target. I’ve been caught before by following people, even for just a few minutes. I also tend to go back and forth through the store while looking for a target, and that is probably also suspicious :joy:

Not to sound conceited, but I’m also a fairly attractive guy and find women looking at me even when I’m not shooting. Do you think I could just be paranoid while filming?

It feels weird asking these questions since I’ve been an amateur candid for years, but what are your strategies for getting close and getting good shots? When do YOU back off from a woman?


I feel the same exact way lmao. Before I stopped shooting for a bit, I felt like I always got great shots.


Going back and forth in store is suspicious if the target sees you doing it 3x +. I got called out by a latina gilf the other day but she had her granddaugter with her so just be aware if they have kids they can get very protective if they see you going by them a lot. College/18+ usually like the attention,tolerate it, or feel creeped out(90% of time they are creeped out) but I think your problem is just patience. You’re not willing to act casual for long time and wait for good moments Because it can be boring. Understandably. I sometimes spend my entire day going to different targets/trader joes and yeah it can be boring to fake look at products and browse but with the right amount of patience and luck you will find success and it takes lots of time. walk at a better pace not so fast and always look at products

I shoot with phone in hand, it takes lots of confidence and probably looks a little sus but Because I do it as natural as possible I see in my videos all the time people walking by look at my phone then just look away because they think I’m just holding it.


I’ve been doing this for 4 years and got decent Candids with iPhones. I’m still in my early 20s and that could be the reason why I’m less sus. Though I go places where people don’t know me well and I just go straight in for the kill filming close ups,etc…. I also have my screen facing outwards. Reason for it is because I can turn off my screen while recording and people wouldn’t suspect an outward screen recording. Take this tip and be confident do not lose your confidence while filming.


Exactly what I do, I promise you… having your screen outwards makes your sus level significantly less. People never expect the selfie camera recording.


It’s on YouTube depends if you have an iPhone 10 xr
It usually starts with going to the voiceover in settings double tapping screen etc. search it up you may find the answer

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@Damnson1 @HotChicks
I gotta see the “screen facing outward” content.

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Same bruh I was a god free handed phone shooter now after a extended break it’s like I’m so scared because I know how obvious it is

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Fr. Someone gotta post some good results and inspire me, sounds like a good idea.

Will try this soon

I use my phone and some headphones and pretend I’m on a FaceTime call. Turn the brightness down, use a “side screen protector”, and just take videos like that. I’m 24 and have been doing this for about 5 years now and have gotten caught maybe a handful of times. I usually back off once I know I got plenty of quality shots or when they start to become fairly aware of what I’m doing. They usually stop and pause as I pass them or am walking behind them. But honestly most women notice immediately and never say anything, which is hot af imo!!!

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