When you don't give a dam no oc


One of my favorite caps. Anyone know the OC shooter?

FUCK! With a subject like that, I don’t think I would either


Mad respect to that guy. I don’t blame him bro, that ass is out of this world

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Damn I love this cap

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please release more of this special treat. amazing all around. god dayum!

This is my new favorite thing: capping cappers in action lol. Wish there were more posts like this, great post

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They were working as a team


No Dams given

I would so get on my knees for a bite of that… Fuck it, Double-Amp Below The Knees, Stat.

Do you know The OC shooter

I have it on Tumblr will get back to you or msg me

could you give it to me please?

had the mega link but it got taken down, anyone got the vid?

Video please

@Trickster123 Post the video link.

Won’t allow me to post links here, private dm