Where do people store their material? And how much!

What do you use to store you loads of files, huge 4K vids, and how do you manage the ‘rest’ of your files?? What works good on mobile or both? Or do you have “27” emails like i do (idk how many actually), maybe you have several device with the different content?

I have free Google Drives, OneDrives, MEGAs, iClouds, etc but it is getting ridiculous!!! I need sanity and looking for a low cost (of course) option. I got a lot of files with more to come and frustrated with things like backups and MEGA - still cant get files off of MEGA and dont know why, any help there would be great!

Currently sorting and building low budget servers but HDDs are expensive, every online file hosting company i know of is overpriced, and I refuse to go without a backup while having remote access to all files. I know of a serious group of dirt cheap server/storage builders with guides, trials, recommendations, and you can ask questions too with a quick turnaround.

Too much? LOL.

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Drobo, also Samsung T5s are great. I don’t trust cloud services anymore, since my MEGA trove got suspended.

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mine is stored locally, and in a Mega account. I have roughly 400 gigs in content.

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4tb HDD with a backup 4tb HDD
I only connect the backup like once every 2 weeks and avoid deleting/rewriting anything on the 2 one. It’s been behaving for the last 5 years

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I’ve just paid for an iDrive cloud storage account. There was a special offer at about $10 for 10tb which is so cheap. It’s for one year and the price goes up after that but worth a look.

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I keep all my files on a external SD card just to keep it oldskool…been thru too much with mega. I don’t mind swapping my cards before I leave the house.


Drobo is an option i have looked at. Im scared to go Samsung but will look into T5’s

Same, all locally and across several of the drives. MEGA has been suspending accounts, dont let that be your only backup!! I have learned i need 3-total! One save and it is mirrored on a drive and backs up instantly that is also mirrored, online backs up later, i have drives i plug in to backup on occasion.

I have about 2.5 TB, there is some duplicates but thats only because i wanted to make sure i had backups. As i am going through i have not seen much, i am guessing about .5 is duplicate. This does not include my other ‘hobbies’

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I have an identical setup but have expanded on that with mirroring each of those drives. So if a drive failure, i have a backup (mirror) and if a corruption issue i have a backup!!

I guess i should have mentioned Apple, using an iPhone adds to the problems but have external drives make it a lot easier. Remote access or phone apps are an issue

I would look into an NAS or Network Attached Storage (bare, or no Hard drives) and make your own cloud, plugged into your router maybe. A problem i ran into was WD doesnt support a device, removed an app from the store, modified another to where i cannot use it, and even removed my login from the site. WD has cheap enough options to upgrade when needed.

Build your own PC for around $3-400 that can be done over time, not including hard drives. Decent NAS drives run $100 for 4TB currently, they can run all day. There is only 3-pieces to the PC you need to get correct and most everything else is universal. Sites are available, YouTube to build, and its as easy as square plug doesnt go in the round hole!

I’d agree about mega, they’re very trigger happy to suspend an account so gave up after the 3rd time and that was disguising videos with generic non candid names!

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Upload to YouTube click private and it’s pretty much unlimited.

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That’s amazing! How about sharing?

Yea ill def share some good ones

I meant how about being able to share from the private section of YouTube? How does it work, good?

I just tried uploading to Youtube and marking it as unlisted

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Well now you can screen record and share. I think before you would be able to download it back on your phone but now you have to pay for subscription I think to do that.