Woman in gray onesie

Ask me if I was taking pictures of her, I replied no and she just looked at me with a mean ass face lmao her ass was so fat I had to go back inside for her.


Nice. How did she confront you? Turned around in the middle of you filming?

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I was trying to take a vid down the aisle and she stopped me and she’s like I noticed you’ve been following lol

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Had a chick yesterday stop me as I was passing her and say, “I feel like you’re following me”. I just chuckled and joked, “similar shopping I guess”. Absolutely busted to her later that night


Looking like that, they get what they get! They should hide if they don’t want to be seen.

She shouldn’t be mad you’re only admiring her giant black butt :peach: would love to take off that onesie and go to town on that ass

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