Yes or no good idea?


Why not just record with ur phone?


Bad idea IMO:

  • quality will be inferior to a phone
  • you’d look weird constantly having to keep your eyes fixed on the target

Lol I was gon have em by my shirt type shi and put em down where I can get a angle mainly for the beach


start with that next time…kind of an important detail lol


you can hold it in hands

But the quality issue would still remain, and really it’s totally normally to see a phone in someones hand.

Black screen app = job done


To that extent better hold a phone.

Sneak into Google HQ and take a Google Glass prototype instead, that’s what I would do if wanting a recording glasses.

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There are ways to make the screen dark, various.

You will take a quality hit with these for sure, and what is this site? Usually these sell for 200$!

If you need this in your life, I’d suggest going Raspberry Pi tech. You build your own, endless variations, limitless shoestring budget options, a HUGE very well detailed community from beginner to pro, and still not get hit with the quality issue.

Google: rpi camera. Ada fruit is a great company

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The RPI route sounds interesting, the determined candid shooter could create totally customised surveillance clothing! I’ll stick with my big ass unhideable camera but I’d love to see what can be achieved :grin:

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Depends on where youre shooting and what the subject is doing, of youre just walking behind yes, if not i wouldnt do it it will create to much attention, i never pay attention to my subjects when i hit record, i ignore them because i know later on i can just play back the tape :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yup juss brought spc for 9.99