Yoga ass in yellow leggings at gym,OC


Great catch! Gonna have to use your method sometime soon

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What method? I don’t follow

:woman_facepalming: oh the video


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Bro I love it when you post gym Candids good work :ok_hand:

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More coming!

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You have any gym stuff?

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I don’t bro I still haven’t been able to find a ass that’s worth it to record at the gym I guess I’m not hitting the right times

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5 -7 pm


Yes please! We need more gym content since it’s winter

Well, welcome! I haven’t checked my telegram in some time, shit got awkward. I know several of my MEGAs are gone now, dk why since I didn’t share some.

You can post, the first few need to be reviewed before people can see. I jus approved this last one.

In fact, add your video and post the link to the top of your post following g any stills/screen caps like this post …if you do choose of course.

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