You can (amlost) see her full ass - Hotpants!

So… I was going to get some food, but instead I ended up capturing hotties. The problem is, i was in a hurry and the second one, i noticed her too late. I was going for a u^skirt shot and thats why i was focused and already hit record for maximum stealth. And that was the exact moment when i walked past her. You can see in the Gif that i got surprised by her and i even stood there stunned, starring and filming for a noticeable amount. After those few moment i really had to get away from the group cause they saw me, especially her friend looking straight in the cam. Despite being in a hurry i decided to see if she was still there after just a few seconds, but they disappeared in the croud and i lost her. Anyway, would’ve been too obvious to go for a better try, but i would have risked everything for her. This was at the CSD and i have a little more to share. Hope you still enjoy the few little frames that i still got and i apologize for fucking it up, but that caught me off guard like nothing else…
Gif won’t post. I try sharing the vid in the comments

There she is, noticed me in a second knowing too well how damn stareable and stunning her slutty friend is.



What can i else use to upload my vids at. The forum for vids always says user nit found even when i am logged in

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She not looking anywhere near the camera and apart from that I think they’re a group that’s playing entirely for the “other team”. :rofl:


If you wear something like that in public you should not be mad at others for filming you


Mediafire is okay. Easy to make a free Account. Just be careful not to use “certain words” title.
I always give my movies only confused letters and numbers as titles.


Goood Gawwdd !!!


Wow what a capture

Love the story too

I have fingers crossed you can get the video uploaded haha

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That is insane, Why would u go outside like that?

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Need that gif. Need that video. Shit is serious. I would have had a fucking heart attack if i saw this shit in real life.


Well no, i heard them immediately talk about me and get away… xD

If i were you i would do anything for capturing more of her because girls like this rarely happen to see i would follow her till end of the world still great job bro tnx for sharing


I let her go, only because i knew there are plenty more half naked, or see through around :^)

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She has a stare out into the void not you. That girl showing her ass is so “classy”. Wtf lol


I know other than the beach you never will see someone in public showing that much ass. It’s crazy what a whore she is


The Vid


Her dad must be proud


Oh my god that’s one sexy slut! I wish I’d run into some shit like this, great post


So good !!! Thank you !!!

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Wtf man kudos to you for capturing the moment. I can’t believe some subjects lol. That ass is begging for dick.

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