0128 cavalcade of booty



Nice shots!

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White vpl drives me crazy :stuck_out_tongue::banana::sweat_drops:

there is an astounding amount of ass in this post.
tan shirt, black hair, bending down. hot.
white shorts, long legs at end. hot!

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A battalion of butts, an armada of ass :drooling_face:

Nice work but be prepared to have it all taken down because of the 2nd and 3rd pictures

Top 5 posts on this site. Love the variety, a lil bit of everything, and i LOVE the feet focus (like its a huge, pretty common fetish, women know guys love em so they get em done, and yet no one here ever focuses/ shoots feet, idk why.)

Si tengo que elegir me quedo con la madura de brazo tatuado tiene un re lomazo bro… :heart_eyes: :+1:

It looks like you were surrounded by sexy.
No matter where you turned, there was at least 1 hot ass body begging for your attention.
Way to stay focused and take it all in!