About OC Posts

Simple my friends, i was wondering how many ppl is actually posting OC content but aren’t puttin this info in the subject with the standard “(OC)”

Yes = You are posting OC but Not tellin
No = You are posting OC and we can tell in the subject

  • Yes
  • No
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Confusing Question? But yes, :raising_hand_man: all my topics are Original Content. I actually put in work for mine… :sunglasses:
(Candid Butts Forever :no_good_man:) :smile::smile:


It should only be noted if it is NOT OC, imo. A link to the original should be given if possible. I assume that everything else is oc


Only post OC and have never once felt the need to announce it. I try not to even look at non OC content. Not impressed with it.


I only post OC content but sometimes I forget to put the OC n the title


Thanks guys the fact that Non OC content it’s gettin more support than OC creators it’s bad so i’m not even looking Non OC right now and wanted to know a bit more about this. I always state the OC in the subject but it’s true what drone said, Non OC is what is mandatory to state.


goes w/o saying

I have, let’s say, a divergent idea on the issue of posting your own content or not (I’m talking about recognition of posts), I think that in the issue of users who don’t hunt, this issue doesn’t come up much, it only matters whether the content is good or not, regardless of whether it is own content or not, in my case this assessment is different, because I have my own content and also because I post non-authorial content, I know how to value both contents, but I will always give more value to my own content, but this is something that I have been observing a lot It’s like some who point out this issue of not giving value to those who post their own content and who in practice don’t support them, for several topics I even had to alert several posts that I thought should be valued more, and the authors of some topics even They thanked me, so I don’t know what’s going on, maybe it’s ego or some rivalry, whatever it is, the community loses.

Note: this type of situation is what makes me post more content found on the Internet than my own…

All my posts are original content. Never felt a need to post non OC